Destan Episode 3 In Urdu Makki Tv

 Destan Series With Urdu subtitles By Makkitv I have no doubt about that, Osman Bey. With your permission, my Sultan. Karamanoğulları took action towards Konya. If I do not return to Konya and prevent this work, Konya will fall. If I return, our strength will be broken against Byzantium. But if you return, the fate of the war will change, my sultan. What do you think, Osman Bey? My Sultan, if the situation is like this, then you must return to Konya. How will you deal with Dukas and Nikola, Osman Bey? With my gentlemen, my veterans,

we will do whatever it takes to break the steel core of

Dukas! Not that. However, if you do not return to Konya, Destan Series With Urdu subtitles By Makkitv then there may be a greater disaster for the state. I will come. Command and genius all my powers will be Osman Bey. Even if I die, I will not be left behind, Osman Bey. Both my compass and the honor of our state are in your hands, Osman Bey. My Sultan. My Alps! We have no brains here today. Your brain is the one who swamps with you for the divine word of God. It will be a fierce battle.

Destan Episode 3 In Urdu Makki Tv || Destan Makki Tv Subtitles

If there is anyone who loves his life, if there is a longing

Destan Series With Urdu subtitles By Makkitv come back now! For those who want to fight, here is the challenge, here is the fierce enemy! You should know that I will never leave the battlefield until I reach victory or martyrdom!Martyrdom or victory! Martyrdom or victory! Either martyrdom or victory

Destan Episode 3 In Urdu Makki Tv

Osman did not give up. He never gives up… Then a bloody victory awaits us, Nikola. Let’s see where you go secretly, what are you up to, Zoyi? Of course I will find out, Zoyi. Lets. Alps attack! The Sultan returned with his army. After that, it’s not promising for cenk. It is not possible for us to cope with the huge Byzantine army with the alps we have. Just stop. Osman Bey will certainly have something to say, patience. Nikola and Dukas have already learned that the sultan had withdrawn with his soldiers.

But we will fight the crooked order. I will attack

from the front in the form of arrows with my alps. Gunduz bey and Umur bey will not be on the battlefield with his valiants. But we will re-determine the course of the war. Are you going to attack a huge army with a handful of alps, Osman Bey? With unwavering faith. When the battle begins, I will retreat with my alps. And the order of the Byzantine army will be disturbed. The steel core will scatter with bloodlust. Alps! Regress! Alps retreat! Shut up! Finally Osman finally!

Destan Series With Urdu subtitles By Makkitv

you from that tail in Söğüt!  don’t let them escape! Attack! Horsemen! Forward! Finally, Osman finally… Gündüz Bey will attack from the left wing with his horses. Umur will attack from the right with his valiants. However, you will not be alone. Where did these come from? The Sultan returned to Konya. However, he left some of his soldiers under my command. We will take that Byzantium into the ring of fire with the turan tactic.

Destan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

And I’ll show Nikola living hell! It’s a trap.It’s a trap!

Nicholas! Bad dog! Nicholas! Protect the Tekfur! Protect the Tekfur! Shield layout! Attack! The starlings have fallen into the mistletoe, sir. Alps! Attack now! Attack! My Bala had been to this street before. But then I lost track of it. So he came here. Let’s go after it. Just wait a little. Ready Zoyi. I let the poison sit like wine for a long time, so that it would work as Nikola intended.

Destan Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

I raised her in my womb like a barren woman

burning with maternal fire. Now it will be born in your skilful hands. When you open the lid and put it in the food, it won’t leave any traces behind. No one will know why Malhun lost her son and then died. He’s not going to die right away, is he? Her baby will die first. Would it be good for a Malhun woman to die with Osman without suffering the pain of a child? It doesn’t fit, of course. I will bury their pain inside me. In the end, just like a squashed insect, Malhun will squirmly die. Maybe if Osman kisses those beautiful lips, Osman will die too. What are we going to do now, my Bala? No,

Destan Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

you said we came to shed blood we will not leave

without shedding blood. Isn’t it bro? Hey, do we ever leave it like this? I will feed your carcass to the dogs in the pen. Here you go, tekfur smash! It will be your turn, too. It turns out that the sherbet of martyrdom is sweet.  He came for martyrdom and ended. He had to fly. Thank you Lord! 

Destan Episode 3 In Urdu Makki Tv || Destan Makki Tv Subtitles

When you die, spring will come to our lands that you have polluted. Your case and your father’s case will fall like your head. Come on, come on! Let me show you that the Turk’s case will not end. The case of the Turk will never end before the last Turk dies! Destan Series With Urdu subtitles By Makkitv