Destan Season 1 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

Hello viewers! welcome you to the esteemed viewers of the kurulus osman series in another important video to EAGLE DESTINATION. The time has finally come for the new episode of Kurulus osman series to be aired. 

The upcoming episode will be so full of action that fans will not be able to take their eyes off the screen even for a moment. The upcoming episode of Kurulus osman is going to be the best episode of this series so far. 

Destan Season 1 Episode 22 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv

Because in the next episode we will be able to see many important events that our eyes have longed to see. One is the conquest of inagol fort which we have been waiting for for a long time. osman Bay and Turgat Bay have entered the inagol fort with their soldiers. 

viewers We will talk in detail about the victory of inagol Fort. We will also tell you about the contradictions in the events and history shown in the series. 

But before we talk about the conquest of inagol Fort, let us look at some more important events in the next episode. 

The Byzantine soldiers who arrived at the kayi tribe aimed to kidnap Princess Holofira. They will now kidnap Prince Orhan as well as Holofira. And when Alauddin sees this incident, he will tell the Bala hatun and the malhan hatun about it. 

bala hatun who was in the tribe with some trained hatuns. Therefore, both the bala hatun and malhan hatun will easily overcome this situation. Princess Holofira and Prince orhan will be rescued. On the other hand, 

osman Bayharsar will prevent aid coming from the fort from entering the inagol fort. A contingent of soldiers from Yarhasar fort will come towards inagol fort. The news of which will already reach osman Bay through Aktimure. 

And osman will kill those soldiers in the wrong way. osman will not allow any help to go to inagol fort without any help. After the assassination of Nikola Yarhasar's soldiers, it will be known that there must be a spy in the fort.

Nikola will find out about the origin of Aktimure. But Nikola will not be able to harm Aktimure at this point. Nikola has been portrayed as very weak since osman Bay laid siege to inagol Fort. Therefore, to increase the interest of the series, 

the secret of Aktimure will be revealed. But when Nikola tries to kill Aktimure, Gundoz Bay will save his son Aktimure. Gunduz will be martyred while saving Aktimure. The martyrdom of Gunduz Bay will be the biggest loss for osman Bay. 

Romanos will also be killed in this battle. However, it is possible that Nikola escaped secretly after the situation deteriorated. Nikola can escape from inagol and go to Yarhsar fort. But the chances of that happening are slim. 

Because Nikola will fight to protect the castle to the last drop of blood. But Nikola's security measures will not work. Many Byzantine soldiers will be sent to hell. And some soldiers will be taken prisoner. Thus, besieging the fort day and night, 

osman will conquer the inagol fort. osman Bay has also hinted at the establishment of an empire. Every infidel will now be frightened by the wrath of the Turks. And there will be no fort that cannot be broken by the catapults of osman Bay. 

No one will be able to stop osman Bay from new victories now. Let's take a look at some more important questions going forward in the video. Let's talk about Aktimure's reaction after the martyrdom of Gunduz Bay. Which Byzantine commander will die with Romanos? 

How will Yarhasar conquer the fort after the conquest of osman Bay inagol fort? Which soldiers of osman Bay will be martyred on the occasion of conquest of inagol fort? Which enemy of osman Bay will emerge after the overthrow of Nikola? 

What changes are expected in the series? What was osman Bay's secret plan to conquer inagol Fort? There are many more important things you will find in this video. You must watch the video till the end to know the details of all these. 

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The most powerful and action-packed episodes of the Kurulus osman series continue. The second fantastic trailer of the upcoming episode of Kurulus osman series has been aired. The story of the series has become so interesting that fans do not want to take their eyes off the screen for a single moment. The second trailer was as full of action as the first trailer. 

Under no circumstances will osman allow Nikola to escape. osman Bay and Turgat Bay, along with their soldiers, broke through the gates of inagol Fort and entered the fort. Now, after beheading Nikola, his worst enemy, osman Bay will raise the kayi flag at inagol Fort. This will be the biggest victory so far in the life of osman Bay. 

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