What will Happen next in Kurulus Osman Episode 104

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 104 In Urdu Review & English Will the martyrdom of Osman Bey's great soldiers be shown? Will Osman Bey also be seriously injured due to this explosion? Why did Osman not return to Yenisahir? Why was it necessary to put Orhan Bey on the throne? Will Olof attack the Yenisahir? How would Kantakouzenos find himself caught up in demanding the return of his lands? 
Is Princess Ofilia really dead? 

Will the role of Konur Alp be eliminated along with the princess? 
How will Oktim Bey prove to be a big supporter of Osman Bey? 
Is history being turned in a new direction by seeing Marmarcik Fort?
Will we not be able to see historic battles like Bapheus and Dembos? 
What major victories has the series overlooked? 
Will the Kai women be able to take over Yenisahir in Osman Bey's absence? 
Is all this turmoil Osman Bey's own planning? 

Apart from this, many more important information will be given to you in today's video So watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel Kurulus Osman series released a new episode after a gap So the fans kept their eyes fixed on the screen Great events should not give the fans a chance to blink Once again the story presented war events Who captivated everyone's hearts 
What will Happen next in Kurulus Osman Episode 104
What will Happen next in Kurulus Osman Episode 104

The confusion going on in the story for several episodes made the fans very restless The end of all these conspiracies in the last episode has made Osman Bey's ability clear We have already told you that Osman Bey will untangle this tangled mess in one fell swoop. That's what happened The civil war was overcome Olof's plans also fell apart And Kantakuzinos's ploys were of no use either Even Olof himself proved 

Oktim Bey's innocence by spewing the truth from his own mouth The decision of the case, as expected, was decided on Osman Bey's planning But as soon as these events came to an end Even bigger confusions turned the story After a long time, 

the episode ends on a very curious scene And then the trailer made everyone more nervous Fans asked questions on various curious scenes and will talk about it The twist in the final scenes of the episode surprised everyone If the nine enemies are defeated in every way, 

then the impression of the hero is not good either Osman Bey certainly defeated all the enemy's moves in a single blow But then fans were surprised by Olof's reaction But some people applauded his action Because as soon as the enemy fails in one attack, it has enough effect to rise again and make another attack Osman Bey thwarted a major ambush by Olof So he soon trapped Osman Bey in another house And he succeeded in that too Fans are anxiously trying to find out That in this attack, 

the martyrdom of the soldiers close to Osman Bey will happen Osman Bey thwarted a major ambush by Olof So he soon trapped Osman Bey in another house Fans are anxiously trying to find out That in this attack, the martyrdom of the soldiers close to Osman Bey will happen The attack on Konur Alp has left everyone very upset But remember that after that we will see him fighting alongside Osman Bey in the war Before that, Konur Alp will take some time to recover from these injuries As for the other soldiers, 

the dangerous explosion in the cave has affected everyone Other soldiers including Boran Alp and Cerkutay were also seen buried under the rocks Fans are worried if any important role is going to slip away from them This incident need not be examined and discussed further Just remember last season's iron ore mine explosions and you will know That no soldier will be martyred in this attack Osman Bey and his soldiers will escape from here safely Yes, 

but they must all be injured Apart from this, Bala Hatun has also gone in search of Osman Bey with many soldiers But surprisingly Osman Bey was not brought forward in the trailer And according to the scenes that were seen, Osman is missing from the scene This incident has made fans curious The situation worsened to such an extent that Orhan Bey had to sit on the throne But Osman Bey just disappeared Such scenes have scared the fans Everyone is sleeping, where is Osman Bey? Is he in trouble? Or is it all part of a plan? 

Will talk about it too But then comes the sudden change The series has maintained the tradition of giving surprises to the fans Now that the problem of Constantinople was over, when everyone was sure that Byzantine governors and fortresses like Bursa and Iznik would appear. Fans are interested to know about it Here's why fans are confused Whether the series swears by historical manipulation 

Now Marmarcik Fort was not being mentioned for that reason Because it was to come out after some major historical events and wars And surprisingly, this fort was brought before these wars Everyone is questioning whether war events were ignored And the story is unnecessarily twisted The conquest of Marmara Fort is actually an event of 1303 But the series is hovering around 1301 to 1302 Even the major events of 1301 had not been brought to light yet Everyone is waiting for the big battle of Kohanisar On the one hand, 

The plot of this war is being prepared So, on the other hand, the story is completely turned towards future historical conquests Now where forts like Bursa or Iznik were to be brought forward We also share with you the details of why Marmarcik was seen The conquest of the Marmarcik fortress actually took place during the siege of Iznik That is, after Yenisahir, Osman Bey's next target is Iznik But before that, the Byzantines would repeatedly strike to stop Osman Bey As a result, 

Osman Bey would see two major battles with the Byzantines at Kohanisar and Dembos. Just as Inegol was brought up in the prequel series Similarly, Marmarcik Fort is shown But it is not that historical wars have been forgotten First we must be shown these wars Olof would take refuge in this castle again and again And with the support of the Byzantine army, Osman Bey will be attacked Olof and Kantakuzinos also persuaded the Emperor to fight Osman Bey under the new plan. And this war will be the battle of Kohanisar Which will be revealed in a few episodes But looking at the current situation, the fans are worried Why is Osman not appearing? 

The attack was not so big that all the soldiers and Osman Bey disappeared And no one could even inform the tribe Because this time the enemy and his plans are different So Osman Bey is also fighting him in style And the intentions of the enemies have come to light Meaning, Osman's intention was to find out about the enemy's move 

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 104 Review

Osman Bey himself was probably absent from the scene To let the enemies advance And then they should be caught there Olof is planning an attack on the Yenisahir But the women of Oktem Bey, Turgut Bey, Osman Bey Womens and their children are in a position to protect the Yenisahir. But in such a case, the tricks of a person like Kantakuzenos also came to the fore And he has demanded the return of his lands, considering the Ottomans helpless It is clear 

what happens to those who keep an eye on the lands conquered by the Turks We think Osman Bey has a plan behind all this At the time they are making such plans Osman would attack any Byzantine position And it could also be Marmarcik Fort Remember that in the upcoming episodes, we will see Oktem Bey fully supporting Osman Bey Here's another question about Ofilia The series continues to delight the fans step by step Fans wanted to show the stories of the soldiers near Osman Bey All eyes were especially on Konur Alp Konur

What will Happen next in Kurulus Osman Episode 104

Alp meets Princess Ofilia in the first episode of the series And along with that, some scenes of both were also shown But even then we told you that Konur Alp's pair cannot be shown with the Emperor's daughter Because the emperor's daughter will be a historical character The most likely and strong possibility is that Ofilia will die But since Frig didn't kill him in any gruesome way So there is a slight possibility that Ofilia's character may continue But mostly it turns out that Ofilia has been killed Be sure to let us know in the comments which curious scene from the newly released trailer you want us to know about Like and share the video See You Soon! 

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