Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu & Hindi

Watch The Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles | Barbaroslar Episode 37 With Urdu Subtitles By Makki Tv 2 | Barabrossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv 2
Makki Tv Two small children are shown at the beginning of the movie Among them, one is an Ottoman and the other is a Roman prince While both are training together This is because a region of Rome bowed to the Ottoman Empire without a fight And as a sign of loyalty, 

he handed over his son to the Ottoman Sultan One of them was growing up with the Sultan's son Despite growing up in the same environment, one was like fire, 
Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu & Hindi
Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu & Hindi

the other water, one poison and the other rose One came to be known to the world as the great Sultan Mehmet Bin Cihan Fatih And the second one began to mark himself as a tyrant in the black pages of history Now to a Roman prince whose name was Vlad The Ottoman state also gave him the rulership of a fort when he grew up But his atrocities had reached the extreme In such a case, 

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu & Hindi

a letter is sent to him by the Ottomans as a warning But he kills the messenger To which Mehmet Fatih understands the answer And assigns the duty of stopping this cruelty to Deliler, who is called the brave son of the Ottomans After which the special man who listens to the order of the Sultan 

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv & Hindi

A falcon flies which reaches those brave men in the mountains They were called delilers Here are some glimpses of the boldness of this group of so-called Ottoman mountain birds These valiant fighters for justice are trailblazers spreading light in the dark, going through many difficult paths. The same particular man with the Sultan appears in the next scene with Deliler's group 

Tells them about their mission Immediately after which they go on their way to fight against oppression On the other side, a cave scene is shown Where the cruel Vlad appears with a dangerous sorcerer Who was doing some dangerous experiment here Here he talks to him about his weapon And it turns out that he's doing some dangerous experiments on the decaying wizard rats Through which Vlad wants to destroy his enemies This shows the cowardice of Vlad Who does not want to face enemies in the battlefield Rather, 

he wants to win through poisonous rats For now, his experiments with mice have failed And again they need some mice and herbs Vlad asks his man to provide all those things Meanwhile, Vlad's soldiers go to collect rats from the surrounding areas in exchange for gold And the poor are asked to do so On which those poor people catch them as rats In such a situation, one Bacha is listening and watching all this This child believes that Delilers exist 

But other children say that these are just stories In fact, there are no dealers When these poor people ask for gold in exchange for rats So those cruel soldiers kill them All this the same poor child is still watching which is sure of the existence of Deliler On the other hand, Delilers are coming across different plains and seas to end this oppression It rains in the same way And Delilers is in a cave In such a situation, 

one of his comrades stands outside in the rain and remembers his brother who was martyred during the old wars Here his bravest soldier Gokkurt comes and encourages him And takes it with him to the cave Where they develop all the plans Which way will they go? 

And how will they fight with Vlad? On the other hand, the same dangerous magician is shown To whom the princess from Vlad's castle has come To ask what happened to the mice The magician explains that their experiment was a success And now those poisonous dangerous rats are ready which will spread such diseases 

That every living thing will perish in the enemy's homeland Here was the poor child who believed in Delilers's presence Again it is all listening From there he runs away and returns to his territory in the mountains And tells everything to his old grandfather Here we are shown a compassionate and caring woman 

Who loves her blacksmith father very much But in the meantime, the soldiers of Vlad attack there And in this attack, the father of this innocent girl is killed Deliler's soldiers watch the retreating village from the mountains Meanwhile, the innocent girl Alaja gets stuck alone among many soldiers And tries to save himself In the meantime, 

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles Makki Tv & Hindi

Deliler comes there And kill all the soldiers of Vlad It is here that one of Deliler's soldiers finds a newborn living child among the dead Which he picks up And as he lifts the child in his arms, he remembers his past Now Deliler takes this kind lady with him to take care of this innocent child Of which no one is left Because the people of Velad had killed everyone On the other hand, 

when a rescuer from Vlad goes to him and tells him That their attack failed So Vlad becomes a fire tornado The man tells about Deliler That they looked like strange winged, fur-clad mountain birds Vlad asks to find out about these people Meanwhile, all of Deliler's soldiers stop at a nomadic tribe on the way Because they cannot take the child into battle 

So plan to leave it there But in such a situation, the silent soldier who saved the child from there It is constantly held in its lap Those nomadic people welcome Deliler and the child and woman with them In fact, a wedding is being celebrated in this tribe They give food to Deliler And they also stay with themselves Here they have a little fun The next morning when they start to leave 

So the children and Alaja ask the house to stay there That silent soldier of Deliler doesn't want to leave the child But with difficulty they take the child from her and hand her over there to Alaja and nomadic people On the other hand, pleased with Vlad's actions against the Turks, the Pope sends his ambassador who gives Vlad a crown and tells that he has been made the governor of all Christians But Vlad is so arrogant that he does not listen to anyone 

He calls himself the son of God And Sultan dreams of killing Mehmet He could not bear to see the prince who grew up with him as the conqueror of the world That is why he is blinded by envy and arrogance and has forgotten the mercy of the Ottomans What was done to him in the past On the other hand, Delilers keep a place for rest on the mountains And here the Vlad men who were hidden in certain places They attack them In such a situation, a particular soldier of Deliler group gets injured 
Whom they don't want to leave behind But they have to go ahead for their duty For this reason a partner lives with him And the rest move on Meanwhile, the poor child who Deliler believes is facing the pranks of other children In this case Deliler goes to the church near the Vlad area Whose priest is actually a spy of his own Whose hands with Gokkurt, 

head of Deliler Seeing the winged brave, the child follows him and meets Deliler in the church After which he goes to his house with them Where Deliler, the detective priest and the child discuss future plans Vlad's secret weapon was to handle the priest's case of an attack by poisoned rats The next morning when Deliler is about to leave So the kid says he wants to join the 

Deliler group too After which Gok Korat, the head of Deliler, gives the child as a gift to him Who had done a great feat by telling important secrets Meanwhile, Vlad's men had captured one of Deliler's companions on the way On which he tortures a lot And he knew Deliler was going to get to him now So he prepares a large army On the other hand 

Deliler's secret companion who was disguised as a priest goes to the same dangerous wizard's cave Where he is not a magician But those rats do exist Which he had prepared for destruction He then puts some chemicals in there And after blowing up this cave, he leaves there himself Meanwhile, 
when the dealers are moving forward So their fellow prisoners are brought before them Whose condition has deteriorated due to violence Now the whole army of Vlad is also moaning here Vlad arrives and kills their partner in front of Deliler After which the war begins Vlad's great army rains arrows 

They also detonate explosives hidden on the way to Deliler But the brave and brave of the state go ahead of all of them A handful of Deliler's group face Vlad's large army And they are getting heavy on them In such a situation, 

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles Watch

the silent soldier of Deliler who loved the little child very much And seeing him, he remembered his past 

He remembers seeing Vlad's commander in the same battle That the same commander had killed his parents by destroying his tribe in the past On the other hand, Gokkurt confronts Velad On the one hand, Deliler's silent soldier avenges his parents And kills this commander 

So Deliler's extraordinarily powerful soldiers are cutting down Vlad's army On the other hand, the Sultan's special man had entrusted this duty to Deliler He is also seen raising his hands for the success of these brave men in the silent mountains Then the battlefield scene is shown 
Where brave Gokkurt stands And Vlad falls on his knees before him Gokkurt separates Vlad's head from the torso while calling Allah's name After which all Deliler soldiers gather together And their silent soldier comes forward and shouts 

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The one who was silenced by the death of his parents They speak after taking revenge After that, they are carrying their prisoner, 

the brave soldier who was martyred by Vlad And in such a case, this story of Deliler is destroyed It is clarified that as long as humans exist These stories of Deliler will continue to be told Finally comes the twist in the story And again a cave is shown Where the same dangerous magician appears

And the princess seen with Vlad picks up a cloth from a cage In which the same dangerous poisonous rat is imprisoned But the movie ends with some incomplete confusion on this scene Deliler Movie Explained in Hindi/Urdu 

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